FMIS Auditorium

Dear Friends,                                                                                                                            Donate Here - Any Amount Matters!

You have no doubt heard the question: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. Question: How do you revitalize an aging 483 seat auditorium? Answer: One chair at a time. Join us in revitalizing the heart of Fred Moodry Intermediate and honor our students whether past, present, or future.

All donors will be recognized.

Friend of FMIS: $10 to $100 - Name on framed document listing donors.  Did you or a friend or relative attend this school - perhaps under another name (Anaconda Central)  - and wish to have a part in revitalizing this special space?  Perhaps you attended FMIS or have a student that currently attends there.  We need your support to reach our goal....every dollar matters.

Advocate: $325 + Recognized for purchase of at least one chair; name on framed document in larger print.  One chair at a time, we will reach our goal.

Champion: $1,500 Row of 5 chairs on left or right; name on framed document in larger print.  Be recognized for purchasing a row of chairs on either the left or right side of the auditorium.  Honor your family and friends.

Benefactor: $4,000 Row of 13 chairs in center of auditorium; name on framed document in larger print.  Perhaps your entire AHS Class would like to purchase an entire row and be recognized on our donor wall!

Hero: $10,000 for chairs, stage, sound system, carpet, and paint. Recognition plaque on the front of the stage; name on framed document listing donors in larger print.  Heroes come in all shapes and sizes:  if you are a corporate, business, or legacy donor you would be listed as a hero on the stage of FMIS Auditorium.

Dollar by dollar, chair by chair, donor by donor your gift will help us reach our goal!