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Big News!  Lydia Janosko becomes Executive Director for ACF

Following an interview process, Lydia Janosko was selected to serve as the new Executive Director of the Anaconda Community Foundation beginning March 1st.  Lydia has worked as a volunteer and as a contracted bookkeeper for the foundation since it began in 2007.  In her new position as Executive Director, Lydia will be able to continue and expand on the vision of ACF and continue to make our community the best it can be.    Outgoing leadership, Mike and Gloria O'Rourke, are thrilled to have Lydia in this position as she is knowledgeable and passionate about Anaconda as well as the work of the foundation.


Check out the fun Anaconda's Got Talent Video - a Lesson on Giving Back!


Visit the ACF Youtube Channel and enjoy a virtual tour of some of Anaconda businesses!  This was done in partnership with Discover Anaconda to provide a stronger virtual presence for Anaconda.

ACF Youth Board Member receives $1000 Scholarship - Thank you, Reece Connors, for your service!

News from the
​Anaconda Community Foundation

What we are up to...

  1. Building "Forever Anaconda - Leaving Your Legacy" which is a program to encourage those who love our community to give something back via estate plans, investments, or will.
  2. The Anaconda Community Market is bigger and better than ever!  July - September at the Kennedy Common, Tuesday nights.
  3. Anaconda Nonprofit Association meets to share resources and needs of Anaconda's hard working nonprofits.  Join us the first Monday of each month, at Noon.
  4. The Melting Pot - A Celebration of Anaconda, Montana's Heritage and Cuisine.  This is going to be a keepsake filled with culture, stories, and delicious recipes of our community.  We are in the typing phase!
  5. ACF serves as the fiscal umbrella or sponsor of several Anaconda nonprofits.  We support them - through your donations -  as they build their resources.
  6. Celebrate Anaconda! is a once per year party that celebrates all of the good work that happens in this amazing community!
  7. Giving Back - twice per year ACF holds a grant round to give back to Anaconda's nonprofits.  Thus far ACF has donated over $200,000.
  8. Lovinaid - each week of the Anaconda Community Market a different nonprofit takes over the lemonade stand:  Squeezin' for Anaconda's Nonprofits.  

Celebrate Anaconda!
Catch just a glimpse of the amazing work being done by Anaconda's nonprofits.  Slideshow

Celebrate Anaconda 2018!
Celebrate Anaconda 2018 Slideshow - Learn all about the great work our nonprofits are accomplishing.
Celebrate Anaconda 2017 - Slideshow   We live in a great community!
Archives:  FALL GRANT ROUND  FALL 2017!

Congratulations to our Fall Award Grant Winners!
View the winners at CelebrateAnaconda! 2017May 11th, 2016
​Last Friday night the Smelter City Recreation Complex had a Bingo fundraiser and let ACF unroll the final donation amounts raised on MT Gives, May 3rd, 2016! Thanks Smelter City!!
May 10th, 2016
ANA will meet June 6th, 2016 in the third floor conference room of the old hospital. 118 E. Seventh Street, Anaconda, MT.​ ALL ARE WELCOME! Come check out what our amazing nonprofits are working on and doing in the community! We meet the first Monday of the month in the third floor conference room. Also check out our new FaceBook page for the Anaconda Nonprofit Association!

May 4th, 2016
Congratulations to the non-profits who participated in MT Gives on May 3rd, 2016.
​Together we raised over $10,000! Amazing!

May 1st, 2016

The Spring 2016 Grant Award Winners

Copper Village
$200 front sidewalk area clean-up.
Young People's Theatre
$500  via Copper Village - summer workshop; fall production.
$1,000 - lighting for safety
Anaconda Adult Learning Center AALC
$500 - computer repairs and upgrades.
Discovery House
$1,000 for operations and care of youth.
Project Care
$500 for food; $500 for family needs. 

Thank you, Anaconda, for supporting our hard working nonprofits!

April 15th, 2016

Celebrate Anaconda! was held June 3rd, 2015 - Here is the slideshow!  

Give Local Anaconda is May 5th, 2015!  

ACF Sponsors Smart Money Week - Workshops are free!

ACF Spring Grant Round Now Open!

The Anaconda Community Foundation is pleased to announce it is now accepting proposals for grant awards.  The Anaconda Community Foundation was established in 2007 to help the people of Anaconda-Deer Lodge County build a permanent financial legacy to support charitable work in the Anaconda area forever.

Thanks to generous donors, the grant amount for the spring round will allow for grants in the $500 - $1,000 range depending on applications.  The deadline for applications is 5:00pm, April 14th.   Application Form

Applicants must be tax-exempt, non-profit organizations as defined under Section 501c(3), public agencies or a unit of government.  Applications for projects of most interest to the Anaconda Community Foundation include those that benefit the most people within Anaconda/Deer Lodge County as possible, meet critical community needs and/or  requests for on-going operating expenses, with matching grants for endowment purposes.

Each applicant must submit a completed Grant Application form to the Anaconda Community Foundation.  All applications will be reviewed and ranked by the Awards Committee. High scoring applications will be reviewed by the entire Anaconda Community Foundation Board with the final awards decisions made by the board.

Items not eligible for Anaconda Community Foundation funding:  grants to individuals, testimonial dinners, grants to political organizations or purposes, religious organizations, requests that are discriminatory, or which pose an unacceptable conflict of interest to the community.

The grant application form is available upon request by contacting Gloria O’Rourke at 406.563.5259  or via email.


Katherine Basirico purchased the first non-personalized plate in Anaconda!  Thank you, Katherine, for supporting Anaconda's non-profits.  

ACF News Wednesday, November 5 2014

The Anaconda Community Foundation recently awarded $5,750 in grants to local organizations and programs.  The money will be used throughout Anaconda to support the arts, Anaconda's youth, the vulnerable elderly, as well as the underprivileged in our community.  "The ACF Awards Committee and the ACF Board of Directors were very pleased with the quality of the grant applications and enthused about helping fund projects that will  make a difference in Anaconda," foundation director Gloria O'Rourke said.
Receiving $1,000 each:  Discovery House and Smelter City Payee Services.  Discovery House requested funds to assist with operations as costs have risen to care for youth in the home but the state rate for care has not increased.  Smelter City Payee Services received funds that will allow staff to become Medicaid Service Suppliers and expand their services to clients in need of assistance.

Copper Village Museum and Art Centre,  Anaconda Community Garden, and The Children's Open Theatre each received $750 grant awards.  Copper Village will use the funds to make structural repairs and the Anaconda Community Garden will build a fence to protect the garden.  The Children's Open Theatre will use its funds to assist with theatre production costs.

Three non-profits received $500 including Anaconda Deer Lodge County Boys and Girls Club, Toys for Tots, and Little Copperhead Football.  The Boys and Girls Club will re-stock its Club Store to assist students in learning budgeting and money management.  Toys for Tots will purchase toys for younger Anaconda children as the majority of toys received from stores are for older children this year.  Little Copperhead Football has over 60 participants and needed assistance to purchase equipment for the kids.

Gloria O'Rourke said, "The ACF is grateful for the generosity of this community which allows for these grants to be awarded to Anaconda's hard working non-profits."  The mission of the Anaconda Community Foundation is to build a permanent financial legacy for Anaconda through the generosity of its citizens and friends in order to develop and maintain a thriving community forever. For more information contact Gloria O'Rourke at 406.563.5259 or