Lydia is pictured above with; Craig Sweet, Director of the Anaconda Family Resource Center,
and Dave Fenchak, representing Toys for Tots, 2023 spring grant award recipients.

ACF 2023 Spring Grant Award Winners Announced

The Anaconda Community Foundation recently awarded $5,000 in grants to local organizations and programs.  The money will be used throughout Anaconda to support Anaconda's youth, the vulnerable elderly, as well as the underprivileged in our community.  "The ACF Awards Committee and the ACF Board of Directors were very pleased with the quality of the grant applications and enthused about helping fund projects that will  make a difference in Anaconda," foundation director Lydia Janosko said.

Receiving $1,000 each:  Discovery House and Project Care for Anaconda Food Bank.  Yes - Youth Empowerment Services received $1,500.00, Toys for Tots $300.00 and Anaconda Family Resource Center $1200.00.

The ACF is grateful for the generosity of this community which allows for these grants to be awarded to Anaconda's hard working non-profits."  The mission of the Anaconda Community Foundation is to build a permanent financial legacy for Anaconda through the generosity of its citizens and friends in order to develop and maintain a thriving community forever. For more information contact Lydia Janosko at 406.563.5259 or

Spring 2023 ACF Grant Applications Due April 7, 2023

Anaconda Community Foundation is pleased to announce applications are being accepted for the Spring 2023 grant round.  The grant deadline is April 7th, at 5pm.

ACF Grant Application Form for Download

Thanks to generous donors, the grant amounts for each round will allow for grants in the $500 - $2,000 range depending on applications.

Applicants must be tax-exempt, non-profit organizations as defined under Section 501c(3), public agencies or a unit of government.  Applications for projects of most interest to the Anaconda Community Foundation include those that benefit the most people within Anaconda/Deer Lodge County as possible, meet critical community needs and/or  requests for on-going operating expenses, with matching grants for endowment purposes.

Each applicant must submit a completed Grant Application form to the Anaconda Community Foundation.  All applications will be reviewed and ranked by the Awards Committee. High scoring applications will be reviewed by the entire Anaconda Community Foundation Board with the final awards decisions made by the board.

Items not eligible for Anaconda Community Foundation funding:  grants to individuals, testimonial dinners, grants to political organizations or purposes, religious organizations, requests that are discriminatory, or which pose an unacceptable conflict of interest to the community.

It will also be a requirement that award recipients present activities briefly at a scheduled ACF Board Meeting.

The grant application form is available upon request by contacting Lydia at 406.563.5259

ACF  Spring Grant Round 2022 Winners

Thanks to many generous donors, Anaconda Community Foundation recently announced its spring grant round winners:   Kiwanis, Project Care, Discovery House, Anaconda Family Resource Center, Anaconda Thrift Center - totalling $6,000!

ACF Fall 2021 Grant Round Winners      

Our fall grant winners include:  Project Care, Discovery House, Anaconda Family Resource Center (SAM Classes), Anaconda Adult Learning Center, and Anaconda Garden Club.  Our amazing donors make these grants possible. Thank you!

Past Grant Winners

Thanks to our generous donors, ACF was able to distribute $5,000 in grants this spring.

​Archives:  Grant Awards

2016 Spring Grant Round Winners:  ACF is pleased to announce the Awards Committee recommended the board approve grants to the following:  Copper Village Museum and Art Center, Discovery House, Project Care, Anaconda Adult Learning Center, Hearthstone, and Children's Open Theatre.  Thank you, Anaconda Donors and thanks to the ACF Board for approving the awards.

Fall 2015 Award Winners
*  Project Care - Provide food for those in need $1,500
*  Discovery House, Operations $1,500
*  Copper Village, Three doors $1,000
*  Anaconda Fire/EMS, Secondary Students supplies, $500
*  Children’s Open Theatre, Production Fee  $300
*  Toys for Tots  - General operating support $500
*  Marcus Daly Historical Society- Scanning materials $1,000
*  ACI - Community event $500

Spring 2015 Award Winners:

  • Alive After Five, Event Director May - September $2,000
  • Copper Village 2 Metal trash receptacles, cemented in place for Friendship Park $1,000
  • Open Theatre Project 2015 Spring Touring Production:  Tarheel Tales $1,000
  • Anaconda Community Garden Hoop Houses to extend growing season and serve as a demo project $500
  • Discovery House Operations $1,000
  • AFRC/Boys Girls community and children's ski program  $500
  • ACI, Inc. Premiering a leadership camp Camp H2O $1,000
  • ALDC Anaconda Parklet Pilot Project $3,000

Fall 2014 Award Winners

  • Copper Village Art Center
  • Toys for Tots
  • Anaconda Trail Society

Spring 2014 Award Winners

  •  Anaconda Family Resource Center:  $500  to support Guardian Ad Litem Program
  • Copper Village Museum and Art Center:  $2,000 to continue outside mural project
  • Anaconda Coalition for Tolerance Education:  $650 to send Law Enforcement Officer to Not in Our Town Leadership Training
  • Discovery House:  $1,000 to assist with operational costs
  • Young People’s Theatre Project Creative Kids Academy:  $1,000 to add summer programming.

Fall 2013

Thanks to Anaconda’s generous donors, the Anaconda Community Foundation was able to give $9,500 to 11 hard working agencies in Anaconda for the 2013 Fall Grant Round.

  •  Job Corps $1,000 for fuel to work on Anaconda projects
  • Boys and Girls Club $500 for its learning store
  • Copper Village Museum and Art Center $1,000 from the Community Improvement fund for mural project
  • Anaconda Food Bank Community Garden $1,000 for implementation
  • Little Copperhead Football $500 for equipment
  • Discovery House $1,000 for operations
  • Pintler Suicide Awareness and Prevention $1,000 for program projects
  • Toys for Tots $500 for materials
  • Young People’s Open Theater $1,000 production costs
  • Anaconda Trails Society   $1,000 grant match;
  • Smelter City Family Development $1,000 for disabled and elderly client services

Spring 2013 Award Winners

  • The Elks:   $2,500 (match amount to repair roof)
  • Copper Village:  $2,000 (to repair Friendship Park)
  • Job Corps  $1,000 (fuel for Anaconda project assistance)
  • Discovery House – $1,000  (operations)
  • Boys and Girls Club – $500  (operations)Fall 2012 Award Winners
  •  Copper Village Arts Center – $4,000 (roof repairs)
  •  Discovery House –  $2,000 (overall support)

ACF Grant Application Form for Download